Client Onboarding for Agencies

Build an Onboarding Machine. Bring More on Faster. Increase Revenue.

Ahh, the sweet, sweet smell of victory. You just closed that big-name client — time for a nice haircut and a vacation. 

*Record scratch*

Hold up. Victory isn’t yours just yet. And you’ve still got some work to do. 

Have you actually onboarded that client? And have you onboarded them effectively?

If you don’t have an airtight onboarding process, your client will be:

  • Confused
  • Confusing
  • Annoyed
  • And annoying

You need a buttoned-up client onboarding process. Let’s S.C.A.L.E. this beyotch. 

What’s S.C.A.L.E.? 

Our proprietary S.C.A.L.E. framework is a systematic, proven process for helping agencies scale and agency owners delegate confidently. 

The result? 

A business that runs like a smooth and kick as$ 21st century machine. And you get more harmony in your work-life integration. 

That’s the balance thing life coaches and gurus are always talking about. S.C.A.L.E. can do that for you. Here’s how it works for client onboarding. 

S: See what’s happening

Client onboarding for agencies is a frequently overlooked but vital part of project management strategy. You need the right information to be successful. 

An effective, customized client onboarding process from us will:

  • Help you retain good clients you actually want to work with
  • Set proper expectations on both ends of the deal
  • Define success for your projects and deliverables
  • Make new clients feel welcome and happy with their decision to work with you

This step in the process is like seeing your mise en place of client onboarding. 

What ingredients do you have? Which ones do you need to make a gourmet client onboarding process that’s scalable and repeatable? 

Next up, we take the ingredients you have and establish the baseline. 

C. Create a Baseline

This is the temp check. How’s it all going for you? Probably not good if you’re checking out this page. 

Agency owners and project managers, do you keep running up against:

  • You close clients, but you can’t seem to retain them
  • Your project’s keep getting out of scope and out of control
  • Your clients don’t seem to know what it is you’re doing
  • You’re not entirely sure what the client wants
  • Expectations aren’t met, clients are mad, and workers confused

During the C stage of the S.C.A.L.E process, it’s all about that base ‘bout that baseline. 

We pinpoint the process issues, benchmark where you are currently, and set a baseline. From here, we don’t have anywhere to go but up. Next, we take the good things you’re doing, optimize, and amplify. 

A. Amplify how you do it 

You’ve seen commercial buildings continue to operate while undergoing renovations, right? We’ll do the same thing for your digital store. 

It’s hop aboard the moving train here. We get it. Your business can’t just stop and it’s not going to. 

We’ll take the best of what you’re doing right, add what you should be doing, and get you where you want to be while continuing operations and keeping that money tap open. 

And once it’s open? It’s time for you to lead and delegate. 

L. Lead and delegate 

Once you’ve got your client onboarding process benchmarked and amplified with the good stuff, it’s time to delegate and get your team on track. 

Your employees will be so much more relaxed, happy, and productive. They’ll know what needs to be delivered and where they’re succeeding with your clients. 

Okay, now that you’ve got aces in their places, what’s left? Chillaxing and fully enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

E. Exit Stage Right

Time to get the hell out of the way. 

This is what you’ve always wanted as a business owner. A company that scales on autopilot without you needing to constantly roll up your sleeves and play the part of reluctant firefighter. 

Finally, you can enjoy your business’s growth and fully live your life outside of hand holding clients. 

Take Control of Client Onboarding

With S.C.A.L.E. for client onboarding, we’ll help you:

  • Setup client meeting kickoffs to align sales promises with deliverables
  • Define your goals and metrics for success
  • Create, download, and optimize your client onboarding process

Smoother, more efficient processes and an agency that scales are waiting for you. 

With an excellent, professional client onboarding process, you’ll retain more customers, banish the scope creep, and reach your business goals faster.

Get started today. Download our kick a$ client onboarding toolkit. 

Client Onboarding Resources

Treat your clients like kings and queens, and they’ll keep coming back. Once you close the deal, you have to welcome and educate them with client onboarding. 

You can’t scale chaos. If you’re in the weeds with your client onboarding, we’ll get you outta there with the tools, training, and collaboration you need. 

Fix My Client Onboarding Process, ScaleTime!