Case Study: Digital Hyve

CLIENT: Digital Hyve

RESULT: Ranked as Inc. 5000’s #5 Best Marketing and Advertising Agency, improved quality control by 45%, increased on-time deliverables by 32%, and added 22 new staff.

Digital Hyve is a full-service digital marketing agency with a strong ‘client first’ focus. Co-founders Jake and Jeff had experienced massive growth of their agency in its first years (woohoo!), however, a lack of oversight meant that things were beginning to fall through the cracks (dang it!). Quality was dropping and the ‘client first’ mantra was beginning to lose its shine.

With the arrival of a new baby (hello, sleepless nights), and the news that their account manager would soon be leaving the business, Jeff was particularly concerned about the oversight, processes, and metrics involved in their business, and how to translate these into effective onboarding processes and fewer headaches.

Jeff and Jake approached ScaleTime with a view to having their quality assurance reinstated and solidified. This involved a deep-dive into Digital Hyve’s metrics (or lack thereof) and development of systems which would ensure seamless onboarding, transparent metrics, and better workflows going forward.

Together, we created scorecards for their team which would help to measure performance metrics, including their client’s ad spend, cost per click rates, percentage to target and more. With the sheer number of accounts being managed by their team, this was a mammoth task.

Next, ScaleTime implemented better workflows by working closely with the HR team to ensure fluid and uniform processes for onboarding of new team members. This was particularly crucial, as the agency was about to open a second office.

Importantly, Jeff, who was in charge of business development, didn’t find himself filling the role of account manager, meaning that rather than long days and nights at the office, he could spend quality time at home with the little one (read: night feeding and nappy duty).

With the new processes in place, Digital Hyve was able to continue their rapid growth whilst ensuring that their clients didn’t suffer as a result.

They were named one of 2018’s Best Places to Work by Business Journal News Network as well as Inc. 5000’s #5 Best Marketing and Advertising Agency.