Case Study: Genuine Real People

CLIENT: Jill, Genuine Real People

RESULT: Improved and under-control project management, seamless onboarding freelancers, and a much-needed vacation.

Jill has been operating a production company that handles casting for ad agencies for over 20 years. Even though the business was doing well financially, she was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Among other things, she was sick and tired of:

  • Using email to manage her team (inbox 0 was a pipe dream).
  • Answering the same questions over and over again(aka Groundhog Day syndrome).
  • Scrambling to find experienced producers for big projects, even though they were expensive and less skilled with the newest tech.
  • Resorting to junior producers who are less expensive but proportionally less professional (their lack of experience was most evident when they acted like headless chickens during any conflict).

Lastly, and most importantly for Jill’s sanity, she hadn’t been able to take an unplugged vacation (AKA no computer, no phone, no ties to the office) in 10 years because of her business.
ScaleTime to the rescue!

We implemented a robust but easy-to-use project management system, created documentation folders specific to each team member and company project, and built templates that made repeatable work easy. Now Jill can find what she’s looking for when she needs it and is confident that work is being done on time and up to standards. She has more time to devote to growing her business, instead of repeatedly answering the same questions and hand holding her team.

ScaleTime also implemented new workflow procedures, including a dashboard Jill uses to quickly check the progress of all projects no matter where she is (including out on vacation).

Jill spent the month of August with her kids during one of her company’s highest producing months of the year.