Case Study: DJB Photography School

casestudy-danCLIENT: Daniel Bilsborough, DJB Photography School

RESULT: Teams!

Dan has a photography tour company that he started in Melbourne, Australia and wanted to take it global. He loves the idea that tourists around the world can capture memories with the most beautiful pictures possible.

In order to do that he needed a team, and although his degree in business administration had taught him so much, he felt he needed more actionable steps and reached out to ScaleTime. Before, he concentrated mainly on hiring friends, acquaintances and friends of friends.

We engineered a global team by systematizing his recruiting, created job descriptions, recruiting budget, laid out wages competitive to each market, and created a scalable process to create a global community of photography instructors/tour guides.

DJB Photography school now has tours operating successfully in Australia, New Zealand and the US.