Case Study: Anllelic Lozada

casestudy-anllelicCLIENT: Anllelic Lozada, Marketing Coach

RESULT: Time Leverage With Scaleable Processes

Anllelic is passionate about creating personal brands for Entrepreneurs and Professionals so they can take their goals to the next level. She wanted to diversify her product offering to leverage her years of Marketing and Public relations experience in successful enterprises to the Small Business community.

She didn’t see how she could offer a second service, while acquiring and retaining her current client load — so she simply did not pursue it.

When she reached out to ScaleTime, we were able to build a systematize and streamlined her main service offering into a repeatable, scalable, process.

She was then able to concentrate on her own marketing and build a new service offering to help business owners not only build a personal brand, but also a recognizable brand for their business.