Case Study: Little Vietnam

casestudy-johnCLIENT: Linda Lam, Little Vietnam

RESULT: Opened new location and created new service offerings

No technology + no people = no bueno; ScaleTime efficiencies = TEQUILA TIME!

Linda owns 2 family owned restaurants and a catering company that services the San Francisco tech community. Linda was not a fan of technology and of course “no one could do things better than meeee!” Picture Linda (the OWNER of the restaurants) carrying wads of cash to the bank after scrubbing the counters down at night (does not compute).

The Chaos looked like this: all three locations were working out of one kitchen, there were no general managers, during Vietnamese new year she had to 86 half the menu because there were no inventory controls, and the cash business had no point of purchase system. Yikes.

While working with ScaleTime, Little Vietnam Cafe created a hiring and training process for new team members, implemented accounting systems, and set up each restaurant with a manager. Linda was finally freed up to grow her catering business.

As a result, she opened a third restaurant, and created new offerings for her catering business. Tequila for everyone!