Case Study: Making Change Productions

casestudy-deborahCLIENT: Deborah Brozina, Making Change Productions

RESULT: Cut Client Onboarding Time In Half

Deborah creates content strategy for large corporations. Before ScaleTime, she would customize all her tools, systems, and discovery phase for each new client. She was frustrated because with every new client, she would have to re-configure new systems for them and reinvent the wheel.

While working with ScaleTime, Deborah realized that the beginning stage of her engagements could be automated with only a small percentage of customization. After an overhaul of the client tools she used and a complete standardization of her client on-boarding process, Deborah was able to jump start her engagement with clients 50% faster.

With on-boarding efficiency doubled, this enabled her to spend her limited time delivering her product and better serving the unique needs of each client.

She always mentions, “I could have done it myself but didn’t have the detachment from it.”