Case Study: OwnersUp

casestudy-johnCLIENT: Tanya Alvarez, OwnersUp

RESULT: Owner stops repeating herself over and over

SNIPPET: Serial entrepreneur couldn’t replicate her expertise; ScaleTime downloaded her brain once, and done

Tanya is a 5-time entrepreneur who helps startups grow with hand-picked, curated peer advisory groups and accountability technology. In order to scale, her team knew they needed to onboard facilitators to guide her client groups. The only problem was that she hated to manage people. In the past, she would end up repeating herself over and over again, would get frustrated, and eventually stop training altogether because she was burnt out.

In her mind it was a vicious cycle: they needed to hire more to expand, but she didn’t have time to train or check their work, since she was the only facilitator.

Before ScaleTime, bringing on facilitators occurred to her as burden because she couldn’t easily hand off the peer advisory groups with the same quality. ScaleTime helped her deconstruct how she led groups so effectively, into a flexible and repeatable framework for anyone to follow while still infusing their own personality.

As a result, Tanya finally let go of the idea that she was the only person who could facilitate, and brought on facilitators to expand her client base by 5x.