Case Study: Red Sky Media

casestudy-mattCLIENT: Matt Cumming, Red Sky Media

RESULT: Volume, Systems & Happy Clients

Matt has a boutique design firm and is an incredibly talented and creative individual who produces amazing digital and print work. He was not, however, the most organized of mates in Australia. He too often found himself in email hell (his past form of client communication) and down the creative rabbit hole not communicating deadlines or process to his clients.

When he was in too deep, he would stop communicating altogether. He found them getting upset because the projects were not being managed and the deadlines not stated or met.

While working with ScaleTime we built workflows for his various projects, captured points of delegation for his team, streamlined his processes, reconfigured his client communication and feedback.

Before he knew it, not only was he able to increase his workload by 300%, but he was able to do it with clients getting all the love attention they need and for first time in 15 years.