Case Study: RescueSquad

casestudy-johnCLIENT: John Valle, RescueSquad

RESULT: Increased Bandwidth to Take on New Clients

John owns a building maintenance business and has a full time city job “on the side.” His small team was operating at peak capacity, and could only handle a few clients at a time. The problem was that John’s time was extremely limited, and even though he kept getting referrals to new clients, he wasn’t able to keep up with them.

He would write things down that he thought would move his business forward, but never took action on them. He also did not have the appropriate sized team to staff the amount of work being presented.

Within the first two months of working with ScaleTime, we systematized the on-boarding process, as well as the training of new team members. With the increased bandwidth, John was able to confidently tap into his pipeline, close accounts, and hire full-time team members to manage the new projects.

As a result, he increased his revenues by 35% over the previous year, within the first two months.