CLIENT: Sinclair Social (Ayme Sinclair)

RESULT: Reduced overheads by 72%, hired better, grew the business while off the grid in Africa, and featured in a CNN documentary that merged her love for sailing with her social media agency.

Sinclair Social is a digital agency specialising in social media. At the masthead of this enterprise is Ayme Sinclair: influencer, philanthropist, businesswoman and sailing enthusiast. Ayme had turned her years of industry experience and passion for philanthropy into a thriving business which focuses on partnering with socially-conscious companies with a drive to make a positive impact on the world. With a mission like that, what could possibly go wrong, right? Wrong.

Ayme came to ScaleTime because something was amiss within her business. Although she had a healthy stack of legacy clients and was working on a number of impressive projects, profitability was low. Her key objective was to increase profitability, enhance her odds for attracting investors, carry on making a positive impact on the world, and continue to enjoy her passion for sailing: namely, off the coast of Africa and off the grid for up to six weeks (uh, where’s our invite?). To do this, Ayme needed help understanding just where the leaks where happening in her business and, most importantly, what she could do to plug them. Welcome aboard, ScaleTime.

Together with Ayme and her team, we were able to take a look into the financial cogs of the business and discover that Sinclair Social’s hiring process and white labelling of contractor’s services was hitting them hard in the hip pocket. We developed streamlined hiring processes through a number of testing phases to create a formula so successful that it held water even without Ayme on-site to oversee things. We then set about capturing the recipe for Sinclair Social’s ‘special sauce’, to demystify what made them unique, before developing documentation and project management systems to simplify onboarding of new team members.

With the new systems in place, hiring became such a breeze that Ayme’s assistant was able to take the reins while Ayme set off on her off-grid sailing adventure.

Not only that, but the business’ overheads reduced by 72%, and Sinclair Social built a strong team of contractors whose costs aligned with the business objectives. Profitability skyrocketed and before long, it was smooth sailing for both the business and the lady behind it.






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