Case Study: UrbanVendor

CLIENT: AJ MacQuarrie, Urban Vendor

RESULT: Created a Sales Engine

SNIPPET: Franchiser had 1k leads per month with NO FOLLOWUP; ScaleTime created a sales process and team

AJ owns a franchise that helps people quit their 9-5 by handing them a turn-key business of healthy vending machines. Although he had a marketing campaign successfully generating 250 fresh leads per week, he didn’t have the bandwidth to follow-up with 80% of them. His team was only focused on existing franchisees, and the majority of new leads would wither and die.

AJ would hire and fire sales people impulsively because he had no training materials or scripts, and he didn’t recruit for different skills along his sales pipeline. He also had no way of tracking the performance of sales deals.

Within the first four months of working with ScaleTime, Urban Vendor aligned their marketing and sales process, as well as the training and performance tracking of new team members. With the increased capacity, AJ was able to close accounts faster, leaving him time to concentrate on overhauling his standards of quality for his franchisees and their development.

As a result, his revenues doubled within 3 months, he hired a sales team of 4 professionals, and created a franchisee training program.