First Session: Metrics

Process: Metrics

Why this is awesome

Recurring revenue model = Mo’ Money!

A new found love for margins and confidence when buying things

Eliminate feast or famine

Prepping for GameTime

Required – Please post to Trello & check stuff off

Monthly P&L for last 6 months ( 15 minutes if your books are up to date – if not let me know immediately and I will tweak this)

Systems2Scale ( 15 minutes )

 Teamhours2Scale – List of Team members and hours (15 minutes if anything has changed since last we spoke)

Screenshot of your calendar for next week (2 minutes)

If you have, please note in Trello:

Metrics that you measure for the business

List of services

List of Pricing


Do the best you can.

If you are taking more than an hour to complete the required work you are over-thinking or you don’t have it (THAT’s OK – just let me know so we mark our baseline).

Have a great week!