Lift yourself out of the the day-to-day, and finally scale your business

I get it, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you.

I’m Juliana Marulanda, Founder of Scaletime, and I know exactly how challenging it can be to find time to set yourself for growth.

It’s a priority… but it needs to wait.

That’s why I created Foundations2Scale – a guaranteed way to lay the foundations for scaling your business.

How is it guaranteed?

You sit with me, and I do it with you.

Foundations2Scale is a 2.5 hour, one-on-one work session, where I help you create the 5 foundational documents essential for scaling your business.


These 5 documents are exactly what you need to delegate work and scale your business. And since I sit down and do it with you, there’s no guesswork and no distractions. You will finally feel like you have what you need to start delegating, automating, and scaling.

By the end of this session you’ll finally feel like:

  • You’re actually making progress, while working less (instead of being busy all the time but never getting anything done)
  • You’re in calm control of your business (instead of constantly putting out fires)
  • You have a predictable, steady process for every project (instead of starting every single one from scratch)

Why do you need this today?

You get the exact systems you need

We’ll 80/20 the systems we document, so that you focus on activities that give you the biggest results

You get it done FAST

Less than 3 hours, no more

It’s done for you

If it was easy to get this done, it would have already happened #realtalk. Let me create your foundational scaling documents, the way I’ve done for dozens of other entrepreneurs

This workshop will upgrade your business in less than 3 hours

Together, we’ll:

  • Create client onboarding documents that wow your clients, decrease ramp time, and even decrease revisions during delivery.
  • Build an organizational structure that works the way you do, so you’ll always know where everything is and where it goes (most scaling systems fail because they don’t work with how you do thing).
  • Set you up with the best tools available to meet your needs (no need to read hundreds of reviews or test out products through free trials – we’ve tested them all).
  • Design project wrap up documents that turn your clients into referral machines.
  • Create professional templates for your most common deliverables so that you’re not wasting time building them from scratch.
  • And much, much more….

In the end, you can save 10+ hours per week by automating and delegating these systems. You’ll suddenly feel in control of your business, confident about your processes, and prepared for what comes next.

What others say…

“I had a job, now I have a business”

Deborah B.

Making Change Productions

“These tools were invaluable to me as I am now ready to hire full time employees. It gave me a full understanding of what I need to address – thanks to this information I was able to avoid critical and costly blind spots.”

Tyrona Heath

Founder of Spectacled Marketer

“I knew I needed to set up systems for my copywriting business, but finding clients and putting out fires always took priority, and I kept pushing it off. When I started working with Juliana, we sat down and she created all of this training material with me. She forced me to think through my processes, and then everything that I needed to delegate so that I could spend time growing my business. They may have been the most valuable 2 hours of my life”

Alex Portera