It’s Game Time!!!

Welcome to your Offsite – Sprint Session

Our Off Site will entail:

1 hour: Strategy session using Design thinking principles

1 hour: Create workflow directly into your system

1.5 hours: All hands on deck document creation

Taking care of business: Post Off Site

Action items after the session can include:

Delegation of whole or partial process

System Improvements

Document updates creation

Testing the process

Training: Off Site Prep

Action items for the next month’s session will include:

Setting up the metric for the process to be able to analyze your goal’s progress

Gather relevant documents ( deliver 48 hours before Off-site )

Any worksheets for process analysis provided

Invite team members that you want to join

Create any systems’ set up or access for game time

Set up template in project manager ( ScaleTime )

Review relevant documents ( ScaleTime )

As Garrison Keillor says, “Freedom doesn’t mean aimlessness. We can’t just sleepwalk through life… Freedom demands structure.”

Supporting Your Process

Defining a metric for each process

let’s keep track and reach those goals

Toolboxes and content during the month

help you iterate faster and better

keep up to date with latest digital tools

keep up to date with the latest workflow trends

Question and Answer follow-up session

Save Time. Scale Up!