Onboarding Talent & Team Performance

Process: Performance

Why this is awesome

 Expand business and take on more clients = Mo’ Money!

 Manage quality and reduce handholding

 Reduce overwhelm for you and current team

 Introduction of new ideas and perspective -> innovation

Prepping for GameTime

 Required – Please post to Trello

 Desired metric for this process: eg. saved time, new hires, % delegated

 Names of any team members attending

 Access and set up for the Project Manager

 Average lifetime of employee in your business

 Business Core Values

 All systems to be set up for team member

 How you are measuring talent progress / success

Documents and Training Materials:

Provide anything you or your team may have

If nada, that’s cool — we will build it.

 Offer letter

 Welcome letter

 Onboarding Handbook

 Welcome Pack

 Score Card

 Performance review

 Teachable content for Hiring Manager