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Client Onboarding Toolkit

You’ve closed the deal, your team is pumped, your client is ready to go… so you hit the ground running.

Woahhhhhhh now. Hold up cowboy.

Before you even think about beginning to work on a single deliverable, you need to make sure you’ve got your Client Onboarding Process on point. This step is so crucial, yet so frequently overlooked. It’s all about getting the information you need to be successful, setting proper expectations, and defining success. If you want to save more time and make more money, you NEED to get this down.
  1. Know your clients and anticipate needs
  2. Understand goals and define your metrics
  3. Download your Onboarding Process
  4. Optimize the Client Onboarding Process
  5. Delegate Onboarding to an Account Manager
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Why is this kick-ass?

Because you can:

  • Expand business and take on more clients = Mo’ Money! 
  • Take on more clients
  • Pass the baton and free yourself from the client relationship 
  • Create a happy customer journey
  • Save time

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