Step 4: Optimizing the Sales Process

Qualify Clients

Determine if they are a good fit for your services. It’s the same as having a quick chat on tinder before meeting up on a date. Gotta filter out the weirdos.

When you qualify clients you reduce your marketing costs because you’re not wasting time on leads that will never become clients, no matter how hard you work. And when your leads are qualified, you can create focused, tailored messaging to really close the deal.

To qualify clients, it’s important to ask:

  1. Who are the decision makers?
  2. What is the budget they need to have to afford your service?
  3. What are their pain points?
  4. Why do they need you?
  5. How long does it take them to make a decision on purchasing from you?

Understand your engagement

So you know which clients are easier and better to work with.

For your clients:

  1. What is their industry?
  2. How long do you usually engage with them?
  3. What is the average revenue per client?

List out the reasons for lost deals in the past

This will allow you to see the patterns of why you or team members are losing deals.

  1. Is there a new competitor?
  2. Is there a new technology you are not aware of?
  3. Are you priced too high? Too low?
  4. Is there an objection you keep failing to address?

Gain knowledge of client’s seasonality

Some months people buy others they don’t. This will allow you to engage in the right parts of the year to focus and save time and money.

Create templates for proposals / deck presentations

The pitching process can be gruesomely time intensive if you let it be.

To help you improve it, imagine someone else creating a proposal for your business. They would need need:

  1. A list of pricing and services
  2. A proposal template
  3. A list of copy around each service that is being provided for the client

They can then pick and choose to make

Make sure you complete this step before moving on.
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