Step 5: Delegating Sales

Passing off sales to a team

How do you find clients?

Activity checklist:


List of referral partners


Networking Events


Speaking Engagements

Sponsored events

Skillsshare classes

Lunch & Learns



Cold Calling

What is your sales budget?

Documents and Training Materials:

Sales Email Templates. Commonly used email templates include:

  1. Cold outreach email
  2. After a networking followup to schedule an initial meeting
  3. A response to a referral
  4. Email to schedule a consult or presentation
  5. Email with proposal

Scripts / Conversation Frameworks

  1. Pitch to an individual
  2. Pitch to a group i.e. referral group like BNI
  3. Initial meeting
  4. Consult / Presentation

Sales material ( Decks, sheets etc)

Sales FAQs: These are questions that can be asked during the sales process at any time to get to know if you are a right fit. Think of these as benign.

Sales objections: These are malignant – they can kill your deal. Common objections include…

  1. I think you are too expensive
  2. My last service provider did a horrible job, how do I know you are not going to screw it up?
  3. You are really small, how do I know you can handle the volume or deliver on time?

Proposal Template

Sales Scorecard

Sales Reports

Workflows for each of your sales activities

An example in trello for Networking Events:

Sales Score Card

Keep track of your sales team activity and results so you are not chasing after them.

Things to include in a scorecard:

  1. Calls made
  2. Scheduled meetings
  3. Qualified clients
  4. Proposals sent
  5. Closed deals

Score cards should be reviewed a minimum of once a week with team members.

Tip: you can attach bonuses to scorecard achievements

Make sure you complete this step before moving on.
And if you’d like some help, drop us a line!

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