Step 5: Delegating Onboarding to Team Lead

When you get your documents in order, you can easily pass of the onboarding process to someone on your team.


Welcome Pack

  1. Offer letter
  2. What do they need to succeed on first day
  3. Company swag

Onboarding Handbook (Different than operating manual)

  1. Quick reference guide to navigating behaviour and resources in your business
  2. Include references


  1. How are you taking communication out of email inbox
  2. Layout times you will review milestones, work product and deliver feedback

Training  — how do team members know how to get the job done for your business?

  1. Create documents / videos walking team members through key steps needed for them to complete job (screenshots are very useful here)
  2. Create standard operating procedures that define every process in the same way, for quick and easy reference

Team Meetings

  1. Describe vision, goals and KPIs of business to create transparency in growth #context
  2. Give acknowledgement #indoctrination #retention
  3. Review score cards – decrease management
  4. What’s working and what’s not working ↑efficiency

Performance Reviews

  1. Welcome letter/video that makes your client know that they have made the right decision + anything else needed to have them be a good behaving client

Team Score Card

Keep track of your onboarding team activity and results so you’re not chasing after them like a cat after a laser pointer.

Make sure you complete this step before moving on.
And if you’d like some help, drop us a line!

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