Is your CRM System Leaving Money on the table?

I just want to sell, I don’t want to spend time doing admin,” said one of my dear friends and a serial entrepreneur.

According to SalesForce, using a CRM can increase your revenue by 41%!!!

Are they simply using a fuzzy stat to sell more software?

I thought that too.

But think about it … how much money are you leaving on the table by relying on memory and forgetting to follow-up?

I am especially guilty of doing this at conferences… Traffic & Conversions or Inbound, anyone?


Meet Nate:

Who decided to upgrade from his spreadsheets (thank the universe) and move his pipeline over to Asana.

He was already using Asana for project management, so naturally, why not?

It was going well until he turned the gas on his marketing. He realized Asana (or spreadsheets for that matter) doesn’t send you reminders or give you sales reporting or sync up to call scheduling.

$hit, he needed help with the massive follow-ups he was faced with now.
And he needed to hire sales peeps.
And he needed a real CRM.

Reluctantly, he looks for a CRM that makes sense for his business and team. He had sales trauma from the agency he used to work at and he didn’t want to get bogged down in sales admin or a clunky system.

Nate starts to wonder…

  • Should I uplevel my CRM?
  • Should I hire a “closer” to just delegate the whole thing?
  • Should I shut off my marketing because I don’t want to hire people?

In defeat, Nate takes out his notebook and pen and writes out which proposals are out with due dates and triumphantly decides:

“If they are not one-call close, they don’t deserve to be followed up with!” he was done with it all!

Why does this kill me a little inside?

Sales is about closing. That’s it!

80% of sales are won in the followup.

If you are “the” salesperson, a sales system will make you more money. If you are hiring a jr. salesperson, a sales system will help train them. If you are hiring a sr. salesperson, a sales system is expected. Sales System = More Money

So back to Nate…

We had to break Nate free from his past sales trauma (of red tape and big agency overloards) and show him we could create a simple agile system that would grow with him and his team.

Here are some of the things we did with Nate…

  • We picked a CRM that integrated with his email (he had Gmail, we picked Copper)
  • Created a lead pipeline that was easy for his sales coordinator to prioritize,
  • Set up a visual pipeline so he would know where the bottlenecks are,
  • Developed a dashboard with activity types that made followup EASY
  • Made sure his current opportunities were in the right place and kicked out the tire kickers from his pipeline so he didn’t waste any time.


Reinventing the wheel when it comes to Sales sucks. Being asked a million questions by legit opportunities for case studies, decks, or the random objection handling that needs to be done can be super triggering if you can’t email it back in 2 min.

Check out our checklist to see what info you may need so your future team can followup like champs! Sales Process Checklist  << Check it out!


Looking for a CRM or thinking about upleveling current one?

  • Streak – the starter CRM that feels like a spreadsheet layover on your Gmail, great for solo agency owners that are doing their own sales,
  • Copper – great for small sales teams that integrate with gmail and want sexy AF dashboards on data studio
  • Pipedrive – great for small sales teams that integrate with outlook and want super easy integrations with other sales apps
  • Hubspot – great for small to large sales teams that have hubspot marketing suite integrations


>>> He booked more sales calls in 1 week than he had all year.

I am so proud of Nic of Vanguard Media who 300Xed his business last year and sent me this wonderful villa property that he is procuring in Thailand to host retreats.

He is onboarding 30 clients this month… not bad