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Inside The CloneYourself Scholarship

CY is ScaleTime’s signature program that shows entrepreneurs how to make their business operations run without them in a quarter. To get access to it, it usually requires an investment of 9k. But for the 4 recent grads that are selected, we will pay for it in full.

Here is a preview of what you will get access to.


Make your business operations run without you in 12 weeks. 

Set your business up RIGHT and check off all the boxes to success.

Training includes:

  • Effective Delegation
  • Sales Process
  • Client Onboarding 
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Hiring and Onboarding


Get mentored by Juliana, founder of ScaleTime alongside a small peer group of people just like you in other cities on a weekly basis.

Hook into a large community that is ahead of you to ask questions and source answers 24/7.

Extra Credit: 

Attend weekly implementation workshops to level up quicker.


Building your system of operations without tools will take forever. 

Get the tools that have worked for over 300+ businesses. 

Toolkit includes: 

  • A proven roadmap 
  • Guides & checklists 
  • Templates you can plug and play 
  • Monthly Scorecard

Selection Criteria

This scholarship is designed to help emerging entrepreneurs of color. To accomplish this, we will open enrollment to candidates who meet the following criteria: 
  • You are junior or senior in college or; 
  • You have completed an undergraduate degree within the last 3 years of your application date
  • Have an existing business with clients
Preference will be given to candidates who:
  • Are able to demonstrate a track record of grit 
  • Can illustrate a proclivity for risk tolerance 
  • Have the ability to showcase their integrity
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Marc Aarons

8020 Solutions

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Omi Diaz

Diaz Cooper

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Kham Inthirath

Inthink Agency

Why I created this scholarship

When I was graduating from college I didn’t think I could even have a business — that’s because I was broke. 

On top of that, I was paying for my mom’s rent. If it wasn’t for Karen, my mentor, at the time who gave me a shot at my first paid internship I would have never understood how to manage operations remotely.  Since then, I have helped over 300 businesses do that and I am ready to do more. 

Karen has passed on her mission of living a socially useful and fun life to me. Now, I want to create an impact for people like me who may not have had the resources growing up to reach their highest potential.

If you are on this page you have a world of options, but creating a successful business will give you the power to design the life that you want and you deserve that.

You might think to yourself
“what are my chances of getting in?”

It’s perfectly normal, but the difference between the people who get to where they want to go in life and the people who don’t is that – it’s not that they don’t have doubt, it’s that they take action to find out if those doubts are real or not.

If you are that kind of person I invite you to apply.

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