Communication: The Common Goal

In teams full of diversity of thought, background, perspectives and preferences we are sometimes left lost in translation.

“Why am I translating English into English?” we ask ourselves and then we go home and vent to our families.

It is important to:

  • 1. Check our feelings at the door before the next conversation with your team member. (Breathe, do yoga, scream into a vaccuum, do what needs to be done to get centered).
  • 2. Remember the FACTS of the conversation, situation and goal at hand.
  • 3. Put yourself in the shoes of your colleagues and see how their individual perspectives brought them to their conclusions.
  • 4. When communicating remember to bring other members of the conversation back to the common goal and direct all comments towards achieving that goal. Use the common denominator to achieve success.
  • 5. Learn from that experience to better your communication skills. We can’t help others translate but we can become more effective communicators for our own advantage.


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