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Do you ever wonder how much time workers typically waste? On this page, we'll share with you some interesting productivity stats for both workers and

Productivity Stats

Workers typically waste 20% of their workday (about two hours) socializing with coworkers and taking breaks. Executives waste six weeks each year searching for lost documents, and 30% of all employees’ time is spent trying to find lost papers. The average office worker spends 52 minutes each workday in “pointless” meetings to which they do not ultimately contribute anything. The average American currently spends close to three hours a day watching TV, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. The average American wastes 61 minutes a day watching TV ads and other promotions. 43% said interacting with coworkers caused them to miss the most work, beating out the 28% who answered with surfing the Internet. Texting, social media and taking personal phone calls all received 4% while shopping online accounted for 2%. The average woman spends one year of her life deciding what to wear. Women spend 16 minutes each weekday morning deciding what to wear for work, and 20 minutes on weekend nights finding a slamming outfit for going out. The average man spends nearly 43 minutes a day staring at women. So between the ages of 18 and 50, a typical man will spend 11 months and 11 days staring at women.

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