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ScaleTime helps entrepreneurs develop systems to save time, add employees, and manage growth, all with tools that take minutes to use and implement, so that owners can go from doing everything to doing the one thing they do best. We’ll help you improve your agency processes, performance, and profits.
We’ll give you everything your agency needs for success:
About Us

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We Break Bottlenecks

We offer tools, training, and a collaborative tribe of agency leaders to help you achieve your goals, quickly. And here’s the thing, our approach allows us to MEASURE and prove the impact of those solutions on your performance and growth.

Client Onboarding:

Onboarding a new client is critical for the future of the relationship, and when done right can increase your capacity by 3x. Are you setting yourself up for success?
  • Templates for organized, productive early-stage meetings
  • Process flowcharts that set expectations for clients and internal teams
  • Onboarding checklists to ensure completeness
  • Training how to set expectations and milestones
  • Intake forms to collect and organize new client data
  • Onboarding emails that make communication, clear, consistent, and effective

Project Management:

Ever feel like projects are managing your team? Get on track and protect your margins.
  • Improving current PM processes
  • Selecting the right PM tools for your business
  • Setting up, and setting rules for dedicated process communication channels
  • Centralizing client / team documents so they are easy to find
  • Creating repeatable workflows so you are not reinventing the wheel
  • Creating easy handoffs and review processes to avoid a million meetings
  • Developing owner dashboards for team oversight without getting into the weeds

Client Management:

Constantly putting out fires and getting caught unprepared? Streamline your day-to-day for greater efficiency and client retention.
  • Conduct a project management audit to evaluate process, tools, and adoption
  • Support with training & implementation of new for smarter work
  • Stay ahead of potential issues with sample client emails for onboarding, satisfaction surveys, conflict resolution, reporting and more
  • Set milestones, key check-ins, and develop strategies for acting on feedback

Hiring & Onboarding:

Missteps in hiring and firing are the most costly a business can make. Nail the process, save time and money.
  • Consistent and repeatable hiring emails, letters, and timelines
  • Job posting templates & interview guides
  • Documented hiring pipeline to avoid resource constraints
  • Scalable hiring/onboarding processes for efficiency
  • Training and assessments for better employees
  • Onboarding scorecards for continuous improvement

Sales Process:

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Let’s get it pumping!
  • Documenting sales process, from lead generation to onboarding handoff
  • Improving sales through sales training and online lead generation funnels
  • Tools for overcoming objections, addressing pain points, and case studies
  • Training how to set expectations and milestones
  • Identifying ideal client personas and qualification processes
  • Email and proposal templates that allow for scale and consistency
  • Sales scorecard templates for individual and pipeline visibility

Like Superpowers For Your Agency

ScaleTime to the rescue! We’ve got the tools & expertise to help you streamline operations, manage growth, and boost efficiency.


Join a community of 6, 7, and 8-figure agency teams that ACTUALLY care about your success. Ask your 2 am question in Slack or join our workshops to troubleshoot and optimize your operations.

Workshops Include:
  • Project Management and Documentation
  • People Operations and Difficult Conversations
  • Geeky productivity working sessions
  • Expert Q&A Series


Make your business operations run without you in 12 weeks. Set up your business RIGHT and check off all the boxes to success.

Training Include:
  • Effective Delegation
  • Sales Process
  • Client Onboarding
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Hiring & Onboarding


Building your system of operations without tools will take forever. Get the tools that have worked for over 300+ businesses.

Toolkits Include:
  • A proven roadmap
  • Guides & checklists
  • Plug & play templates
  • Monthly scorecards

SCALE. Your Ops to Freedom

The SCALE. Framework is a fancy way of saying “let’s make your business grow like crazy!” It’s a step-by-step guide developed by ScaleTime that helps digital agencies boost their efficiency, rock their tools and team, and reach new heights of success. It consists of 5 stages: See What’s Happening, Create a Baseline, Amplify How You Do It, Lead and Delegate, and Exit and Oversee.
Time to Goal: 6 Months
“Spent a month in Europe and had one of the most lucrative months of the year.”
Jill Strickman
Time to Goal: 3 Months
“Spent 7 days in Costa Rica and only checked email for 15 minutes.”
Greg Brooks
Time to Goal: 7 Months
“Created a sales engine, increased sales by 350%, became a leader in industry.”
AJ MacQuarrie
Urban Vendor

Stay In The Loop

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Your one-stop shop for growth hacks, inspiration, and all things agency success!

Tinker Talks

Real agency growth stories from Tribe members and guest speakers!


Stay on top of your game by tuning in to ScaleTime’s guest appearances on affiliate podcasts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my ROI from working with you?

The almighty question. As a former researcher at UBS, the top Wall Street Research firm, I spent 16 hours a day looking at operating financial models, so I’ve approached the question of ROI from every angle. Because Clone Yourself is focused on operations, we cannot clearly say insert one dollar and get X back. This is not an investment in the topline of  revenue, but instead we are investing in the bottom line: profit.

And so, the more relevant question here is, “How does this increase our profitability?” So now I’m going to do that thing when I answer a question with a question. What happens when you increase everyone’s capacity and now your team can take on double the work? What happens if you have an additional 20 hours a week to invest in sales? What type of innovation and cool shit can you create when you are not bogged down with nitty gritty crap? How much money are you losing by continuing to operate this way? Everyone’s resources are different, but we do know that we can save clients 100’s of thousands of dollars within the next 5 years of going through our program.

Who is ScaleTime for?

CloneYourself is for any agency owner that wants to save more resources and make more money by delegating their business functions effectively. Our clients understand they’re losing money by running an unsystematized, disorganized, agency. If you are looking to SCALE your business and your team, ScaleTimeis for you. We will  help you put better systems in place, optimize your processes, offload work, and be more efficient.

Are you a consulting firm or software?

We are a consulting company that helps agencies run smoothly. We are in the process of creating digital tools to do the same thing. Please ask us about our services.

I have a coach – how does ScaleTime differ?

Awesome! We are not a coaching firm. We will be your partner in making sure that your business grows and runs smoothly even when you are not there. We set goals together and provide deliverables and milestones to make sure your business has an operational foundation to grow on and see it through that growth.

How is ScaleTime different from other programs?

Most agency owners come to me after trying everything else a combo of: EOS, Built to Sell, E-myth, Checklist Manifesto, every webinar on the planet and more). Those things are great but there are always pieces missing – which is why our DIME (document, implement, measure, elevate) matrixed with our ScaleMap, which covers the 5 pillars ( workflows, tools, assets, training, and metrics ), makes our proven process people-proof.

I am a Checklist Manifesto convert. How is this different?

If you subscribe to the Checklist Manifesto, that means you have a ton of awesome workflows to run your business. What you’re probably missing are the training to onboard your people to those workflows, along with methodologies for quality assurance to make sure your people are performing at their best.

I am all in on EOS, how do I make sure I don’t jerk my team from one idea to another?

CloneYourself is a perfect complement to the EOS System. I love EOS as it truly helps with vision and management, but there is a gap with  process implementation, which is where I come in. EOS consultants often send me their clients for process, and I send EOS 7-figure clients who need culture and leadership work. The fact that you are embedded with EOS only means that you will get results, better and faster.

I am thinking of plugging myself into the E-Myth ecosystem and calling it a day, thoughts?

I’m a big fan of their work, but what I’ve found is that they don’t have a great track record servicing digital based businesses. Also, measuring those systems rarely fits individual agency needs, and course corrections can be cumbersome, costing you significant time and money.

What About ClockWork? Everything Mike Michalowicz does is genius.

This is a good start if you have never delegated before and really want to start getting stuff off your plate. It’s a phenomenal beginners guide to delegation, and you will consume this in about 2 days. If you are having mindset challenges, not sure where to begin with delegation or have a brick and mortar – this is a great choice. However, if you want to be scaling to 100k a month or a week, you will need more advanced tactics, and CloneYourself is full of them.

How long is the commitment to your engagement?

Engagements vary depending on your needs and ability to implement to get the fastest results.