Why Client Onboarding Matters

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In this post, learn what client onboarding is and why it matters, and find out how improving how you onboard clients can help your business succeed.
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Wahoo!!! You just closed a sale, won a brand new client, and have a purchase order in the books to prove it. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and rake that money in.

Hold on there cowboy. Not so fast.

The moment a prospect becomes a client, their experience with your business paves the way for what they can expect moving forward. It’s during this short, albeit momentous period of time when your clients will acquire the information they need to work with you, and complete the necessary steps to do so effectively.

This process–not unlike a first date–sets the tone for your clients’ relationship with your business. Which means that making a great first impression (and second, and third) can do wonders for how you interact in the future.

In this short post, follow along as we explain what client onboarding really is and why it matters, and find out how paying attention to how you onboard clients can help your business succeed.

Definition – What Is Client Onboarding?

Client onboarding refers to the experience your clients have with your business during the brief period of time between when they choose to work with you and the time that you begin working with them. Just like that first date, it’s your opportunity to get to know each other, set expectations and boundaries early, and discover what it’s like to work together.

By offering a simple, seamless, and informative client onboarding process, you can help your clients get up to speed and know what to expect, while setting the tone for a successful and long-lasting relationship.

Why Client Onboarding Is Important

Just like how the TSA makes for a more enjoyable (and safe) experience when departing on a business trip, client onboarding is a formal process that can help you set the stage for a healthy and happy business relationship with your clients.

By showing your clients what you have to offer them and setting their expectations early, you can help them learn the ropes–and teach them how to behave–every time they interact with you.

Onboarding can also help a lot with retaining your clients once they’re on board. By demonstrating your value early on and making a great first impression, you can form the basis for a healthy client relationship that ensures their utmost satisfaction. This can help ensure they stick around longer, or indefinitely, without you having to spend more money acquiring new clients.

Why Client Onboarding Matters For Your Business

Client onboarding can help your business…

Set Expectations Early

The key to a successful business relationship is maintaining your client’s expectations. If you don’t, it can affect everything from the beginning of their time working with you through up until the time they switch to another provider. That’s why setting clear-cut guidelines for how you go about things—including scheduling meetings and handling requests—can be so helpful in helping you clients understand what they can expect from your business. An effective onboarding process can streamline the process entirely, by establishing ground rules and ensuring that clear expectations and objectives are set from the start.

Establish Common Ground

At ScaleTime, we like to think of onboarding as your opportunity to get the ball rolling with minimal friction and maximum friendliness. That’s because onboarding is an effective way for you and your team to quickly connect with your clients and establish common ground on the basis of mutual interest and agreement. In addition to setting expectations early, this can create the foundation for a healthy long-term relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.

Ensure Your Client’s Satisfaction

It’s not uncommon for many client’s to have experienced a far-from-stellar onboarding experience in the past. By implementing a smooth onboarding experience right from the start, you can pleasantly surprise your clients with both your efficiency and professionalism. And, by knowing what they expect from your business, you can ensure you’re actively taking steps to exceed their expectations. This can bind your clients to your company more closely and help retain them longer.

Demonstrate Your Brand Value

Your onboarding process is your opportunity to show your clients that they made the right choice to work with your business. It’s also your chance to demonstrate what makes you unique. A streamlined and simple client experience will help create a good first impression where it counts most—differentiating your brand and demonstrating your value early on. Paired with a cohesive brand experience, a sound onboarding experience can set you up for success from the very beginning of your relationship.

Secure Even More Business

Interesting-fact: Bain & Company has found that companies that use just 20% of their client acquisition budget to improve their client experience can increase their revenues by as much as 200%! How so? Happy clients stay with you longer and will often refer you to other people—effectively doing your marketing for you! By satisfying your clients with a simple, spotless process, you’ll increase client retention and spend less money on client acquisition!

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