Digital Hyve

Achieved 45% Increase in Quality Control, 32% Increase in On-Time Deliverables, 22 New Hires, and Hits Inc. 5000’s #5 Best Marketing and Advertising Agency
Jeff from Digital Hyve


Co-Founder of Digital Hyve

Co-founders Jake and Jeff had experienced massive growth at Digital Hyve in its first years. However, a lack of oversight meant things were beginning to fall through the cracks. Quality was dropping. With the arrival of a new baby and the news that their account manager would soon be leaving the business, Jeff was particularly concerned about the oversight, processes, and metrics involved in running the company.

ScaleTime to the Rescue

Jeff and Jake approached ScaleTime with help reinstating and solidifying quality assurance. This involved a deep dive into Digital Hyve’s metrics (or lack thereof) and the development of systems that would ensure:

  • Seamless onboarding
  • Transparent metrics
  • Better workflows going forward

Together, we created scorecards for their team to help measure performance metrics, including:

  • The client’s ad spend
  • Cost per click rates
  • Percentage to target

And more. With the sheer number of accounts their team was managing, this was a wooly mammoth of a task.

But how do you devour a wooly mammoth? One bite at a time.

Next, we started working with the HR team to implement better workflows, ensuring fluid and uniform processes for onboarding new hires.

This was particularly crucial, as the agency was about to open a second office.

Results Achieved and Mission Accomplished

With the new processes in place, Digital Hyve continued its rapid growth and achieved spectacular results for its clients.

Business Journal News Network named Digital Hyve one of 2018’s Best Places to Work, and Inc. 5000 named them the #5 Best Marketing and Advertising Agency.

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