Genuine Real People

Genuine CEO Jill Improves Project Management, Seamless Onboarding of Freelancers, and Takes a Much-Needed Vacation with Help from ScaleTime


CEO of Genuine Real People

CEO and founder Jill has been operating production company Genuine for over 20 years. Even though the business was doing well financially, Jill was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Among other things, she was sick and tired of:

  • Using email to manage contractors. Inbox 0 was a pipe dream.
  • Answering the same questions over and over again. Every day had become Groundhog Day for Jill.
  • Scrambling to find experienced producers for big projects, even though they were expensive and less skilled with the newest tech.
  • Resorting to junior producers who are less expensive but proportionally less professional. Their lack of experience was most evident when they acted like headless chickens during any conflict. Bock, bock, no!

Lastly, and most importantly for Jill’s sanity, she hadn’t been able to take an unplugged vacation (AKA no computer, no phone, no ties to the office) in 10 years because of her business.

That was no way to live. It was ScaleTime to the rescue!

Taking Names, Achieving Results, and Chewing Bubble Gum

Here’s what we did for Jill when we ran all out of bubblegum:

  • Implemented a robust but easy-to-use project management system
  • Created documentation folders specific to each team member and company project
  • Built templates that made repeatable work easy


  • Jill could easily and quickly find what she needed as soon as she needed it. She also got a much-need boost of confidence that work was completed on time and up to standards.
  • She was able to devote more time to growing her business instead of repeatedly answering the same questions over and over again and hand-holding her team. She loves them, just not like that.
  • We also implemented new workflow procedures — including a dashboard Jill could access immediately to check the progress of all projects no matter where she was (hint: she was on vacation).


Jill got to spend the entire month of August vacationing with her kids. Oh yeah, and August is one of her company’s highest producing months of the year.

Are you ready to kick up your feet and relax, knowing your team has the resources and systems in place to handle anything that comes their way? Reach out to us, and let’s make it happen for you.