Ideas Money Art

7-Figure Agency Survives Baby Bonanza, Slices Overhead, Productizes Service Offering, and Takes Profit Margins to 32%. Offering, and Takes Profit Margins to 32%.
Jeff Conlon

Jeff Conlon

Ideas Money Art

Jeff from Ideas Money Art, a 7-figure agency, is one of our favorite people to work with.

He oozes enthusiasm from his every pore and isn’t afraid to make the hard decisions. Jeff came to ScaleTime with the calamity to end all calamities: The Baby Bonanza. Dun dun dun!

It’s a universally accepted truth in the business world that when one leader leaves your team, the company will hiccup.

But when THREE of them leave simultaneously to make adorable mewling cabbages, it’s all hands on deck.

Hear that giant sucking sound? That was Ideas Money Art about to suffer a serious brain drain.

ScaleTime Enters the Chat

Jeff needed to download as much wisdom from his imminently departing leadership team as possible and create processes to shore up his accounts in their absence.

We jumped in headfirst to begin the analysis.

  • Documented the wisdom behind his departing head of accounts, art director, and head of production.
  • Implemented systems that would allow the accounts to be serviced effectively going forward.

Together, we pillaged the dungeon drives of each of the team members’ computers to mine for resources. Next, we centralized and standardized those resources into scalable, repeatable processes.

Results and High Fives, High Fives for Everyone!

The business was streamlined to such an extent that Jeff, the Madonna of Marketing, could reinvent his company into a more profitable and automated reincarnation of itself. Come on, vogue.

Not only did Jeff avoid disaster and mass client exodus upon the temporary departure of his leadership team, but he also:

Nailed Ideas Money Art’s processes so that the agency could create a new, productized service offering and increase revenue from single digits to a 32% profit margin.

High fives all around!

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