Social Tribe

From 600K to 1M in Bookings with ScaleTime Systems and Processes


CEO of Social Tribe

Our client, Megan, is the CEO of the successful social media company Social Tribe. When Megan reached out to us, Social Tribe was averaging 600K in bookings.

But things spun out of control for Megan when her biggest customer started sending her multiple referrals in different departments.

Breaking the $1M Mark: Getting out of your own way and unleashing explosive growth.

Megan found herself spending way too much time onboarding clients and managing her team. Things were falling through the cracks.

  • There was a rogue employee who stopped communicating with a client.
  • The entire account was put in jeopardy.
  • A family crisis forced a top performer to reduce hours in the middle of a critical engagement.
  • High turnover on the client-side made it impossible for Megan to close referrals or communicate on the great job her team was doing.

Smh. We had to stop all that asap.

ScaleTime enters the chat with streamlined processes for Megan and Social Tribe.

After taking a close look at the accounts and metrics, we developed:

  • A streamlined process for Megan to effortlessly manage referrals and clients.
  • Safety measures so clients’ social media accounts would continue to perform brilliantly — even in SOS situations.
  • New processes for onboarding also meant that Megan could bring a new employee up to speed in less than two weeks.

If any issues occur with an account rep, Megan can seamlessly transition account management to someone else without putting the account at risk.


In less than six months, Megan promoted her #2 to a managerial position, fulfilled on every referral, and went from $600K to $1M in bookings.

Now she has the time to work on business development.

Are you ready to turn your business chaos into a scalable, repeatable system that gets results for your clients and brings all the smashing referrals to the yard?

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