Case Study: Social Tribe

CLIENT: Megan, Social Tribe

RESULT: Breaking the $1M Mark – How to get out of your own way and unleash explosive growth.

Megan owns a successful social media company that caters to enterprise technology companies. However, things began to spin out of control when her biggest customer began sending her multiple referrals in different departments. The volume of projects made it challenging to keep track of, manage, and deliver on everything on time.

Her time was increasingly spent on onboarding clients and managing her team, which meant less time on strategizing and growing her business. While she did have an employee who could manage the team for her, that person was already  overloaded with their own work and couldn’t take on more responsibilities.

As a result, things were falling through the cracks! She had a rogue employee stop communicating with a client, which put the entire account in jeopardy. A family crisis caused one of her top performers to reduce her hours in the middle of the engagement. And extremely high turnover on the client side made it difficult for Megan to close the referrals, or communicate what an amazing job her team was doing.

ScaleTime stepped in and developed a streamlined process for Megan to effortlessly manage referrals and clients. We also included safety measures so her client’s social media accounts would continue performing brilliantly even in SOS situations.
New processes for onboarding mean that Megan can bring a new employee up to speed in less than two weeks. If any issues arise with an account rep, she can seamlessly transition account management to someone else without putting the account at risk.

In less than six months, Megan promoted her #2 to a managerial position, fullled on every referral, and went from $600K to $1M in bookings. Now she has the time to work on business development.