Q: Are you a consulting firm or software?

A: Ha! Well thanks for asking. We are a consulting company that helps agencies run smoothly. We are in the process of creating digital tools to do the same thing. Please ask us about our services.

Q: What areas do you typically assist with systemizing?

A: There are many areas depending on your business’s needs. The idea is to focus on the areas that will bring you long-term and short-term results. We help you manage clients, team members and quality more efficiently  Here is a list of areas. If you don’t see the area you are looking to improve, email us.
  • All your business workflows to operate the business so your reputation and quality grows alongside your cashflow
  • Client Onboarding to set up expectations and create better engagements
  • Streamline the proposal process to make it easier and receive money quicker
  • Sales Process so you can concentrate on closing and delegating the administrative pieces
  • Recruiting Process to build qualified team members
  • Onboarding and Training team members so you create culture from the get-go and stop repeating yourself 50 times a day
  • Engineering your team so that you can define a clear vision, values, and mission for your business that will give concrete culture  as you grow

Q: How long is the commitment to your engagement?

A: Engagements vary depending on your needs and ability to implement to get the fastest results.

Q: Where do we meet?

A: We meet in a Zoom Virtual call. Time and travel are two obstacles that we have eliminated with virtual meetings. Consistency is vital. This is the best option.

Q: How often?

A: Twice a month

Q: How long are your sessions if we have a long term engagement?

A: 1 sprint session for 3.5 hours and one performance session for 1 hour. We cut the fat out of the conversation and get straight into it. Time is a valuable commodity.

Q: How long do you work with your clients for?

A: We will be with you every step of the way. Most clients stay with ScaleTime to build the major systems in their business. This allows us to work on all areas of your business. Like all systems, once a system is created, it needs to be stress tested and optimized.

Q: Can my team member be in the call?

A: Yes, all clients will have systems ambassadors for each or all of their processes and want team members to be included in the call. These are the key members who will be taking on creating and implementing your systems.

Q: I work with sales and marketing – how is this different?

A: They make our job so much easier! They are great at creating a strategy and generating leads. ScaleTime is great at having a system to capture those leads and make sure you are fulfilling on time, every time.

Q: What results have your clients had?

A: Check out our customer stories

Q: What size businesses do you work with?

A: We work with digital businesses in the 1 – 5M revenue bracket to make the stress and growing pains of scaling go away.

Q: Are you scaling? How?

A: We maintain a certain number of clients per quarter so that we can work on the user experience of ScaleTime services. Our scaling plan is working towards building technologies that make our services accessible to many users.

Q: How many hours of “HW” do I have to do?

A: The deliverables differ. Expect to invest one hour per week on the deliverables and delegate tasks to your systems ambassadors.

Q: What will you be expecting from me for in terms of daily work and information sharing?

A: Our clients are set up on Basecamp, with a road map of our work together and have a list of weekly deliverables once they are defined. Weekly deliverables for your team can include making a business decision, testing technology, creating a piece of documentation or asset, brain dump on a topic of your business that you know or have certain conversations during the week.

Q: What can I expect from you?

Weekly deliverables for me can include analyzing and making recommendations on a part of your business, process or system you have in existence, research new systems or information, make a relevant introduction, look for patterns, redundancies or gaps in something that has been created by your team etc.

Q: I have a coach – how does ScaleTime differ?

A: We are not a coaching firm. We will be your partner in making sure that your business grows and runs smoothly even when you are not there. We set goals together and provide deliverables and milestones to make sure your business has a foundation to grow on and see it through that growth.

Q: I have specific objectives – how do I know we will get them accomplished?

A: We are results oriented. You will feel the adrenaline rush that you would feel if you won the lottery! Only better because you are your own boss and you know that there is no limit to success! Also, you will get progress reports on our work together.

Q: What areas of ‘advising” will you cover?

A: We will also be obsessing and assessing gaps in your systems to see what work needs to be done in the future to make you the rainmaker, download your brain, delegate the nitty gritty and get you out of your business’ day-to day.