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About Us:

ScaleTime helps scaling digital agencies into well-oiled machines by optimizing systems, processes & teams without losing their quality (…and their minds). We help business owners find freedom, so that owners can go from doing everything to doing the one thing they do best.

We believe in continuous innovation, kick-ass customer service and impacting the small business community by increasing the success rate of small business owners.

Role: Success Champion

If you have done your time in the agency world and are looking to make a dent in the performance of business owners faster than your kid/dog can swipe cake off a coffee table while no one is looking, this is the spot for you.
Approximately 8 hours a month (minus training).

✓ Responsible for the performance and implementation rate of your client success.

✓ Responsible for consulting, training, coaching and leading agency teams to implement systems and processes for scale and helping owners reclaim time through advanced delegation.

✓ Facilitation (with velocity): facilitate several 1 hour cohorts a week of 6 and 7-figure business owners following a prescribed format to victory.

✓ Consulting (with velocity): diagnose systems and team challenges, give on the spot solutions and brainstorm with other agency leaders.

✓ Coaching (with velocity): coach teams through resistance in implementing or systems adoption, provide best in class support and call bs when people are getting in the way of declared goals.

✓ Training (with velocity): do on the spot skills transfers on process, tools, and systems on pillar topics of:  project management, documentation, client and team onboarding, management, sales process  and hiring.

✓ Our Tribe: support clients through Slack, email and meetings as long as they are in the program including, but not excluding, checking on progress, celebrating their wins, sharing information, generally just being awesome.

✓ Reporting: take detailed notes on client progress and know where they stand in monthly scorecards

Training Requirements

Prior to start date: Complete self-study training in allotted time independently
Ongoing: Attend 1 group training session and 1 facilitation review a week


  • Operations Manager for 3-5 years
  • Marketing agency experience
  • Software: Google Apps, Project management systems, CRM systems, time tracking and some type of agency reporting tool
  • Automation and data knowledge preferred
  • Be able to utilize Airtable, Clickup, Typeform, Google Drive, Slack and Zoom

Some attitudes you may share with us already:

We are a team that has a thirst for knowledge and impacting others. You know you will be playing in the right sandbox if you can

  • You know your stuff, but you know there is always more to learn.
  • You are a problem solver, have confidence and maybe even a little bit of swagger when it comes to working with others.
  • You have a history working in or with agency environments, extra points if those agencies were digital agencies.
  • Have a strong sense of urgency and grit
  • Geek out on the latest and most efficient ways to get shit done
  • Wake up every day enthusiastic and curious to tackle a new challenge!


  • Approximately $100 an hour for an 8 hours a month (not including training).
    Additional benefits include mentorship, access to ongoing education/ online classes and other training opportunities for professional development.

How to apply…

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