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This data matters to you

Fortune 500s use business intelligence to make their stakeholders communities better and so should you! The business intelligence that is the most helpful is the one that specializes where your communities will need it the most. If you are servicing small businesses then we know that there are operational gaps that stop them from getting to the next level and they're not even fully aware of what those gaps are.
Geek Powered Studios performance matrix after working with ScaleTIme

The Score

50 data points are designed to reveal an organizations operational baseline  based on data in 5 minutes without having to camp out in their offices for a week. See the aggregate score across all your organizations.

The Gaps

Use the matrix to see how your organizations are doing in 10 business functions across the 5 pillars that take to make a high performance system. This visibility allows you to benchmark the gaps and gains across businesses.

The Opportunity

Know the percentage that owners personally spending on each business function and help free them from the grind. Find win win opportunities so owners can get out of the weeds and focus on revenue.

Use Data to Amplify Your Client Relationships

Gathering data can be hard: from what to ask,  to how to make it easy to get clients to give you information, to building actionable insights. Use a trusted source of truth that lets you help your clients get results faster.

Some of the use cases that are creating incredible results:

Accelerate Results for your Communities

You're creating the curriculum, the events (live or digital), the content and some of your clients are doing amazing and some - not so much. You want to help them but don’t know how to sort the gold from scrap metal feedback. Use our diagnostic to get the data to give them EXACTLY what they need to get results.
“Our great Experiment is informing our training gaps”

Get ROI Faster for your Holding Company

You did the financial audit, you acquired the company but now you have to leave the CEO on payroll for another 2 years because the business can’t run without them. Sound familiar? Use our operational diagnostic to help companies run smoother BEFORE you let them in your portfolio.
“We could audit finances but never operations - now it’s easy to  know how long an acquisition really takes”

Make more $$$ with Managed Services

Some of  your clients don’t have their ops together and that cuts their capacity.

When they don’t have capacity to sell or deliver more, they buy less of your managed services. If you want them to buy more of your managed services you need to help them increase their capacity.

Step 1 of doing that is helping  them see their operational gaps which is what the ScaleMap is extrememly good at.
“When are clients are more efficient, they can focus on sales.”

Increase the track record at your Incubator

You put up the capital, the infrastructure and you turned the lights on for them, but not all startups will turn into unicorns.  Use our diagnostic to give them the competitive advantage of lean operations to succeed.
“When operations are tight, funding + valuation grows.”
Time to Goal: 6 Months
“Spent a month in Europe and had one of the most lucrative months of the year.”
Jill Strickman
Time to Goal: 3 Months
“Spent 7 days in Costa Rica and only checked email for 15 minutes.”
Greg Brooks
Time to Goal: 7 Months
“Created a sales engine, increased sales by 350%, became a leader in industry.”
AJ MacQuarrie
Urban Vendor

What is the benefit to Over 600+ Businesses Scaled

Our clients have been able to use the client to build roadmaps and scale revenue, scale profit and scale teams. Results include:
  • Scale Profit - “I took a look at my client journey and made changes that increased net profits by 17% in 2 months”
  • Save Time - “I saved 6 hours a week my first week after getting results to focus on revenue and add an additional 100k to the business”
  • Cut Costs: “I found 63k in overhead that needed to be cut that was under-performing”
  • Prioritize Focus: “I finally had a roadmap that gave me the right path on what to focus on and get 7 hours of sleep again”

Let’s Partner Up

If you can help your clients see the gaps in their operations, then you can also help them fill the gaps.  Imagine being the most helpful to your community with the data that THEY provided to you.

Imagine creating fre and paid content that they thank you for because its so helpful, imagine creating services imagine helping them prep for acquisition or exit...
  • Media Collab - Get audience insights for your podcast, mailing list, social media channels
  • Team Alliance - Book a demo and galvanize your team to offer ScaleMaps  to your clients
  • Organizational Partnership - have your conference, summit, retreat use the ScaleMap
  • Knowledge Share - book Juliana, our Founder for a workshop or Q/A to train your people on scaling lean mean profit machines