Build A Better Agency Podcast

Today’s guest Juliana Marulanda is the founder of Scaletime, an operations-focused consultancy dedicated to helping agencies run like well-oiled machines so owners can build a valuable asset.Juliana delves into the value of processes and systems to grow a business, and the challenges agencies face during periods of growth. From delivering results, recruiting, managing projects, and transferring clients, Juliana shares Actionable steps to grow an agency with more sanity and profit.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Juliana starts to bring her expertise in helping businesses scale.
  • Why methodology for scaling works the same for Digital Agencies and Brick and Mortar – Clue: it is because of the use of digital tools to manage it all.
  • The value of process in a digital agency space.
  • Specific points in an agency where they tend to get stuck and how to overcome them:
  • From 50k to 400k – The hiring spot.
  • 1.3m. Delegating strategy and account management, you still need some quality control.
  • 3m. Deal with technology, not processes.
  • The hiring challenges that agencies face, HR challenges.
  • Importance of embracing processes and systems.
  • Importance to create cadence for management, performance metrics, and touch points with the team.
  • Diagnostic your business: Operational diagnostic to get an accurate view of where exactly you are.
  • Training and development are the antidotes to retention.
  • How you create a structure and allow your agency to work more in creativity: The magic of internal process training, updating, and doing processes.
  • Want to grow your business? Profitability, and the ability to scale, processes, and systems are the skillsets you must develop.
  • How can you put systems and processes in place.
  • The importance of systemizing processes.

Juliana Marulanda

ScaleTime Founder

Juliana Marulanda is a business operations expert, speaker, and the founder of ScaleTime. With over 20+ years of experience across Wall Street, the non-profit sector, technology startups, and family-owned businesses, she now helps service-based businesses. For the past 3 years, ScaleTime has implemented custom processes and systems for on-boarding clients and team members, deal flow, and streamlining day-to-day operations, resulting in consistent rapid revenue growth and reclaimed time for their clients. She studied at the London School of Economics and received a BS in Economics from Trinity College, where she graduated with honors and was the recipient of the prestigious Pi Gamma Mu award.