Process matters for agencies (featuring Juliana Marulanda)

In this episode, Juliana explains the importance of creating and documenting repeatable processes so your agency can make a big difference in outcomes for your business and clients.

What you will learn

  • The realization that small businesses need processes to be able to scale businesses
  • Steps to start a process-driven business
  • Production pyramid as one of the processes
  • Importance of dirty drafts
  • The logical way to organize things
  • 3 helpful and valuable probes in AI
  • Overall economic environment and how it impacts building processes in becoming scalable

Juliana Marulanda

ScaleTime Founder

Juliana Marulanda is a business operations expert, speaker, and the founder of ScaleTime. With over 20+ years of experience across Wall Street, the non-profit sector, technology startups, and family-owned businesses, she now helps service-based businesses. For the past 3 years, ScaleTime has implemented custom processes and systems for on-boarding clients and team members, deal flow, and streamlining day-to-day operations, resulting in consistent rapid revenue growth and reclaimed time for their clients. She studied at the London School of Economics and received a BS in Economics from Trinity College, where she graduated with honors and was the recipient of the prestigious Pi Gamma Mu award.