Up-Level Your Business To A Lean Mean Profitable Machine

In the Digital Slice Podcast Juliana Marulanda talks about how businesses can scale. The importance of looking at the budget, deliverability, and the need to think about things more from an agile perspective.

Juliana also talks about business profitability as it's coming in so many different areas of the business and how can be measured.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of checking the budget
  • Take a look at deliverability
  • Scaling with different perspectives: volume, team, and budget
  • Profitability, it's coming in so many different areas of the business, "your profit is really your ability to invest, plan and grow"
  • You have to work with three engines: client, team, and deliverability
  • Be kind of Marie Kondo in your tech: only keep what you love and what you use. Also, start to see collaboration systems!
  • Client requests? anticipate their needs, and get ahead of the game
  • Measure the performance of the team, be conscious of your hiring process
  • Are you measuring the lifetime value of the client? Retention!
  • Can we actually measure the profitability per client? Client profitability!

"Treat your processes as iterative, create, standardize and keep optimizing"

Juliana Marulanda

ScaleTime Founder

Juliana Marulanda is a business operations expert, speaker, and the founder of ScaleTime. With over 20+ years of experience across Wall Street, the non-profit sector, technology startups, and family-owned businesses, she now helps service-based businesses. For the past 3 years, ScaleTime has implemented custom processes and systems for on-boarding clients and team members, deal flow, and streamlining day-to-day operations, resulting in consistent rapid revenue growth and reclaimed time for their clients. She studied at the London School of Economics and received a BS in Economics from Trinity College, where she graduated with honors and was the recipient of the prestigious Pi Gamma Mu award.