Project Management for Agencies

Feel like your projects are managing your team? Let’s wrangle that beast.
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How We Help With Project Management for Digital Marketing Agencies

If you’ve got projects, chances are that you have a project manager. But are things going as smoothly as they should be? For many digital marketing agencies, that answer is a sad-sounding no. The S.C.A.L.E framework leverages proven project management techniques to help you get more work out of the door, creating space for new projects to take their place. Our FREE project management checklist lets you start evaluating your project managers' performance today. 
Poor project management kills quality, margins, and client retention, period.
And faking it until you make it just isn’t going to cut it.
Project management is a critical core competency and strategy made up of people, processes, and tools that agencies simply cannot grow without. Done right, it scales you into 7, 8 and 9 figures.
Let’s SCALE. your agency project management for maximum growth now
Where to begin?
With so many tools like Asana, Monday, ClickUp, how do you know what’s best for your agency? And how do you ensure that your entire organization is using the tools so that you can budget, measure, and plan resources accordingly?
Because let’s face it. If everyone isn’t using the tools, no one is using the tools.
All that said, growth is very achievable and with a fully optimized project management machine in place, you’ll be in a position to onboard 2 or 3x as many clients at one time.
How? With SCALE., our proprietary framework for pinpointing the bottlenecks, fixing them, and optimizing your internal and external business processes for maximum efficiency and growth.
Here’s how SCALE. works to take your project management from meh to yeah!
The S in SCALE.
See what’s happening
Every agency is different. The processes you use, either currently or ultimately, will determine precisely what you need from our suite of services to optimize your project management.
During the first part of SCALE., we’ve got to see what’s hot and what’s not — where your project management is working and what’s falling through the cracks.
  • Are statuses being used so you can stay on track, on point, and with your head still firmly attached to your neck?
  • Can people find things or is it all a big jumbled mess of nope?
  • Great candidates fill out your application, but many of them don’t finish the hiring and onboarding process.
  • Can we measure team capacity accurately?
  • Do deadlines keep turning into just another week (or ten) lines?
  • Do clients consistently go over scope?
Once we figure out what you need to evolve and elevate your project management, it’s time to establish the baseline.
The C in SCALE.
Create a Baseline
We all about that base up in this biznatch. You’ve got stuff that’s working, and some that isn’t. Before we can optimize anything, we need to know how well (or not so well) your current project management practices are going.
During this part of the SCALE. framework, we take a temp check on the febrile dream that is your project management. Here, we establish a baseline for current practices, and we’ve only got one way to go from here — up.
Next up, we establish what’s working for your agency so we can optimize and amplify the good stuff.
The A in SCALE.
Amplify how you do it
First and foremost, we aren’t going to come in and “blow it up”. We know you have a business to run and we’re jumping on a moving train. You won’t have to stop operations or deal with any sputtering in your revenue stream.
We’ll audit your current systems and processes, identify gaps and help you fill them on the fly. We’re here to enable agency growth, not stifle it.
With our tools, training, and support from our collaborative tribe of agency leaders we’ll:
  • Improve your current PM processes
  • Select and set up the right PM tools for your business
  • Establish rules and parameters for dedicated process communication channels
  • Centralize client and team documents so they’re easy to find
  • Create repeatable workflows so you’re not reinventing the wheel
  • Create easy handoffs and review processes to avoid a million meetings
  • Develop owner dashboards for team oversight without getting into the weeds
Oh, and we’ll help you understand how to set KPIs to measure the impact of all of this on your agency’s growth and performance. Awesome, right? Then you’ll have the ability to lead and delegate.
The L in SCALE.
Lead and delegate
Bet you stumbled on this page because you’re sick of putting out five-alarm project catastrophe fires at 3 AM, amirite?
Life’s too short for all that. We will get your project management systems in place running smoothly and effortlessly.
But that’s not all. You’ve got a life to live outside the daily business ops.
In this step, we show you how to lead. We’ll figure out the best ways for you to implement your new project management processes across your team so they know what to do, what’s expected, and how to repeat at scale.
The key to this? Training your project manager or traffic controller so they have the right skills and tools to consistently deliver. We’ll show you how so you can finally get out of the way and relax.
The E in SCALE.
Exit and oversee
This is the fun part. It’s the part where you get out of the way. And it’s the part you’ve been waiting for all along.
You get to fully enjoy your business and watch its growth from a distance because guess what? Your project management is now running like clockwork without you needing to adjust the gears all the time.
SCALE. your agency project management today.
Your agency can’t grow and scale without an airtight project management process in place. At ScaleTime, we’ll take what you’re doing, amplify the good stuff, and fix and optimize the not-so-good for maximum growth and revenue.
Well gee, ScaleTime. I sure wish I could get started today on fixing my project management processes…