Step 5: Delegating Hiring

Testing for performance. Talk the talk. Walk the walk.

Applications are indicators of a person’s past performance.

Interview process gives you a person’s potential performance.

On the job gives you insight into actual performance.

How do you find team members?

Activity checklist:

Referrals – list all possible referral sources

Job Posts – which job boards work best for your industry?

Conferences – make a list of relevant upcoming conferences

Networking – list relevant events

What is your hiring budget?

Documents and Training Materials:

Job post – this is the first impression a candidate gets of your business a candidate. It’s a great tool to filter out unwanted peeps. Ask for submissions beyond Resume/ Linkedin profile, including:

  1. Digital Portfolio
  2. Work product
  3. Video submission

Phone/Video screening questions – filter the riff-raff.

  1. What are your top 3-5 deal breakers for this position? Wage, availability, specific credential, start time, etc?

Interview types

  1. Are they conducted on video or in person?
  2. How many interviews?
  3. Are you conducting 1-1 or group interviews?
  4. Will they be interviewing with different team members? (how does operations adjust for interviewing process)

Interview questions – can they talk the talk?

  1. Go Beyond “why do you want to work here and walk me through resume?”
  2. Ask behavioural questions – questions that tell you how they behave in different situations ie. conflict with teams, managers, dealing with stress, missed deadlines, crazy clients etc.
  3. Ask fit questions – how do you know that this person is going to be a cultural fit for your growing team?
  4. Ask crystal ball questions – insight to how they would deal with current or future problems that your business is dealing with in reality.

Give them a trial assessment – can they walk the walk?

  1. Test project
  2. Technical assessments
  3. A day in the office working with team for inhouse trial
  4. Offer letter

Make sure you complete this step before moving on.
And if you’d like some help, drop us a line!

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