Step 4: Optimizing the Team Onboarding Process

Before the first day set up goals, paperwork, and digital and physical space so you can hit the GO button on your new person.

  1. Send Paperwork ie. W4’s, 1099’s, Direct deposit (or how they will get paid)
  2. Set up workstation (physical or virtual)
  3. Set up systems – credentials, password access and tech set up
  4. Prepare any training materials for first day

Ramp-up Quickly: Day 1 → Week 1

Day 1 sets the tone for the the job. Acclimate them fast:

  1. Introduce them to team members
  2. Provide business overviews
  3. Give them a tour to resources and training
  4. Review and identify glitches with paperwork and systems setups
  5. Set-up feedback, meetings and review times
  6. Review assignments and tracking of tasks and projects

Goal Setting: Set expectations and goals for deadlines

Define the metrics that let you know work is being completed and moving your business forward.

  1. What are their goals for the quarter?
  2. What are their goals for the month?
  3. Weekly goals?
  4. How do you course correct if work is going in the wrong direction?

Training: There’s a tradeoff between how much you pay for a position and how much you train. Training allows you to reduce costs, build good habits for your business, get rid of old bad habits and increase productivity #WinWin

  1. What kind-of training will they have access to – shadowing other team members, videos, manuals?
  2. How will they find the resources they need?
  3. Note: You can reduce handholding by document answers to frequently asked questions
  4. Scale your training by eliminating 1-1 training (or training via osmosis)

Make sure you complete this step before moving on.
And if you’d like some help, drop us a line!

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