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Juliana, “Where do I put all this documentation?”

You are hiring people or want to be and in order to delegate current responsibilities, you have to make sure this new Rockstar can actually do their job without a bunch of hand holding. In order to do this, you need to train. You might be thinking you need to upgrade from google sheets or dropbox for your instructions, operating procedures or documentation to be able to train others. You may be in a couple of positions
    1.  I’ve got nada
    1.  I got a bunch of docs but they were updated in the stone age
    1.  I got docs but they are all over the place and when I onboard someone I’d rather give verbal instructions because it’s faster than finding where I put stupid the doc (tear)
  1.  I’ve reached enlightenment and am going through all of my processes to create a business that exists without me (ohhhh yeah baby)
What’s an easy, accessible, affordable way to house your docs? An intranet or wiki of sorts. ScaleTime Hack:  if you live in the google suites world, google.sites You want to set up your hierarchy and create pages in terms of your core procedures ie. sales, marketing, onboarding clients, client fulfillment, team hiring and onboarding. Think about this as your future teams. When you delegate you can delegate a whole section to a team. Adding a page is easy You can set up your sub pages as particular recurring tasks and instructions inside that procedure. It looks cleaner if the information goes directly into the instruction pages. If you already have things written in other docs – you can easily copy paste into the page that you are creating. For training purposes, insert video or maps to make faster to delegate. Bonus Tip: Insert link to the specific page when you add your task in workflow templates in your project manager. This will allow team members to always have a reference point to click on and make life easier as training and resources are a click away.