Get Our PM Checklist for Project Management Hacks, Cracks, and How to Avoid

Hire a project manager, they said.

It’s gonna be awesome, they said.

But the projects still miss deadlines, productivity is low, and the project manager? He’s just as overwhelmed and confused as everyone else.

What’s wrong, where, and how can it be fixed?

ScaleTime to the rescue!

What is Project Management?

Project management is the whole system of the business. 

Think of it as a shiny, well-oiled, and well-run machine — everyone from the production to client management and delivery needs it.

You could be that shiny machine. Or the people who are delivering. Or there could be several shiny machines in your business.

What it really means is that you deliver high-quality end products and results.

But, hey, when you’re a shiny machine, why would you need more of them?

Investing your time in delegating work that you can do beautifully is sheer nonsense, right?


Because when you create several shiny machines, invest enough time to run a few units through it, you are building a factory.

And then, my dear, you can stand back and watch things grow and be fluid.

However, there are several cracks you need to identify and work on to make these shiny machines.

What are these?

And are there any hacks to eliminate these cracks?

There sure are!

Let’s get right down to business.

Low Productivity

Business hitting the skids, even with the best of project managers in place?

Well, you need training to save your business and your grace.

Fun fact: Training increases productivity by 25%. 

What’s one of the easiest ways to create a training program?

 Make sure your project management, checklists, workflows, and everything that has to deal with your delivery mechanisms are on point.


Because when you plug someone into this wonderful mechanism, they’re going to be able to be 25% more productive than if you weren’t able to train them or didn’t have anything there.

And 25% is huge!

The Project Management Gap

When we think about business in its totality, we have different pieces. 

These could be people, processes, product and so on.But these are like renegade windup toys running into each other if left to their own devices. Without order to your project management process, chaos will ensue. And you can’t scale chaos. 

A client may say, “Oh, my God, can you just make this teensy tiny change?”

Well, that’s going to affect your project management, production, and delivery.

A client manager with new projects may say, 

Oh, so now we have three new projects, three new retainers, or three new engagements. 

But where are we going to fit them?”

That, too, is going to affect production and delivery.

A project manager (which could be the founder, gladiator, or anybody else who handles the projects) may say, “Crap, who’s doing what and when?”

If you fail to fit these moving pieces together like a puzzle, you have project management gaps. 

And these gaps are where money starts to leak.

But there is a road to freedom.

Get our Project Management Checklist. Just use the right project management tools, documents, workflows, and training, and you will fill this gap sooner than you think.

Project Management Syndrome

One of the biggest syndromes for project management (whoever is doing it) is having everything in your head.

You know that urge — “I must ask them, because what are they doing? What are they doing again?

You may find yourself connecting with everyone on whatever communication platform — slack, text, inbox.

Oh boy, is that overwhelming!

What you can do here is download your brain so other people can be held accountable without micromanaging.

And then, my friend, you will never have to default to uncertainty.

 Act Now — This Is HOW!

  • Create training protocols to increase productivity
  • Fill the project management gap with tools to get on the road to freedom
  • Download your brain to break free of the project management syndrome

That’s it. Identifying your project management cracks and knocking them out with these project management hacks is that easy.

Need some help with project management? Don’t forget to grab your copy of our Project Management Checklist to get out of the weeds.