Step 4: Optimizing the Hiring Process

Understanding ROI of Team Members

Do you know what you’re hiring someone for? Do you have that documented anywhere? Hold yourself and your team accountable by defining key metrics that will help you track progress towards achieving key business goals.

  1. What are your business KPI’s (key performance indicators)?
  2. What are the tasks projects that this person is going to accomplish to help improve those KPIs?
  3. Do you need someone full time, part time, contractor?
  4. What training or resources do they need to accomplish these goals?
  5. What will make them stay with your business?

Understanding your personal working style and culture

…so you know which employees are easier and better to work with, what kind of employees you are trying to attract, and what about your business will attract them.

List out the reasons for lost employees in the past

This will help you see the patterns of why you are losing talent in the past. When you’ve identified these patterns, you can quickly work to address them.

  1. Did you hire a team of friends and acquaintances?
  2. Did you not hire the right candidates?
  3. Was the environment not the right fit for the people who left?
  4. Did they get poached for higher paying jobs?

Organization of candidates

Defining how you’ll receive, manage, and evaluate new candidates will make hiring as easy as saying yes to free tacos.

  1. What email do applications get sent to?
  2. How are you rating candidates?
  3. How are you keeping track of candidates?
  4. How are you assessing the trial period?

Make sure you complete this step before moving on.
And if you’d like some help, drop us a line!

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