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Team Onboarding Toolkit

You did it! You hired the perfect team member! Congrats! … Now listen up, or they’re going to be gone in a three months.

In order to make sure your team member gets up to speed as quickly as possible (saving you time and money), and setting them up for success, a team onboarding process is essential. Let’s dig in.
  1. Setting your people up to kick ass
  2. Understand Goals and define your Metrics
  3. Tracking the Team Onboarding Process
  4. Optimizing the Team Onboarding Process
  5. Delegating Onboarding to Team Lead
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Why is this kick ass?

  • Retain amazing talent
  • Create clear expectations for performance
  • Demonstrate leadership in small team
  • Set up new team members for success
  • Promote so you are freed up to work on the business = Mo’ Money!
  • Training increases productivity by 25%

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