Case Study: ExcelShir

casestudy-johnCLIENT: Shir Aviv, ExcelShir

RESULT: Created Recurring Revenue; Grew 300%

SNIPPET: Perfectionist business owner was tired of not knowing what his sales where going to be next month and …

Shir and his team have been teaching organizations how to use spreadsheets since 2010. Despite being extremely organized, they had no idea how much they were going to earn next month, clients were regularly rescheduling last minute, and putting together Scopes of Work was frustrating and time consuming because they were different for each client.

Most of their processes were manual or ad-hoc, and they were coasting by with referrals because of their amazing reputation.

Working together with ScaleTime, we identified the weakest links in the ExcelShir sales pipeline, allowing us to optimize and increase conversions at every stage. We also shifted from ad-hoc pricing and contracts to standardized packages and templates. This not only reduced the administrative burden, but also created reliable and consistent client engagements. Most importantly, it added financial stability, and allowed us to plan and budget for new marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships.

In the first 3 months, ExcelShir 3X their revenue, transformed one-off projects into recurring clients, and for the first time can plan for future business investments.