Case Study: Let’s Get Organized

casestudy-gayleCLIENT: Gayle Gruenberg, Let’s Get Organized

RESULT: Doubled Sales within the First Year

Gayle, a recently divorced single mom of two who could only work between the hours of 9 – 3 came to ScaleTime because she wanted to “turn her side project into a growing business.” Her goal was to become the type of financial provider for her family that allowed her two young kids to explore the world around them without limits.

She relied on her previous bookkeeping experience to help her get her through the month’s bills.

In the first month with ScaleTime, we optimized her schedule and streamlined her logistics so she could increase her earning potential. In the first three months, her month-to-month revenues increased by 30%. In the first 6 months, we created systems for acquiring new clients, retaining them, and creating a team to take on additional volume.

Her team tripled in size, expenses decreased and in less than one year, her sales doubled.

Not only was she running a thriving business, but she was also able to provide her son with advanced computer classes and enroll her daughter in equestrian competitions.